ADHD Comorbid Disorder: Non-Verbal Learning Disorder

It’s so easy to associate inattention or hyperactivity with ADHD comorbid disorders, especially when you consider how similar their symptoms are. Take nonverbal learning disorder (NLD), for instance. This fairly common disability goes easily undiagnosed because its most obvious symptoms resemble the non-stop talking often found in children with ADHD. So what’s the difference between a child with nonverbal learning disorder and a child with ADHD? …


How to Worship Lord Hanuman

At all places in India and across the world, Lord Hanuman is the most worshipped deity from Vedic mythology. People flock temples of Lord Bajrang Bali in particular on Saturdays, and pictures of …


The Full of Bipolar Medication

Bipolar disorder is considered one of the most severe of all the psychiatric disorders. It is a condition in which those who suffer from it alternate periods of mania, or high energy and …

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